The Canadian Pairs Presented By WestJet offers Golf Clubs from across Canada the chance to send a two-person team all-expenses paid to compete in a National Finals held every September at the spectacular Crown Isle Resort on Vancouver Island. Win at Crown Isle at then your pair travels to fabled Pebble Beach to compete in a pairs tournament there.

Over the past nine years, the Canadian Pairs Presented By WestJet has developed into the best tournament value and experience in Western Canada with more than 9,000 players competing in club level events and almost 600 golfers travelling to Crown Isle since 2006.

From a get-acquainted wine & cheese party, to a gala dinner, to four-star accommodations, to two days of competition golf, to trophies and shirts for every competitor, to personalized photo albums, it is tournament organizer Inside Golf Inc.’s goal is to make this a highlight of every participant’s golfing career.

From your club’s perspective, what makes this event so great is that you can overlay it over any event you choose; from a member-guest to an add-on for men’s nights to a grand prize for a year-long league. As it includes handicaps, events and even individual teams may include both men, women or juniors. Even the scoring format chosen at the club level is entirely up to the facility… match play, net medal, stableford, it does not matter.

Whatever format a course decides on, one thing is assured. One 2-person team will earn an all expense paid trip (airfare, accommodations and meals included) to represent their club.

Click here to see a video clip of images from past Canadian Pairs Presented By WestJet Finals

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