(Duncan, BC - Wed., March 4, 2015; Via Press Release) Always looking to enhance the brand, The Canadian Pairs Presented By WestJet plans major improvements entering the second decade.

The Canadian Pairs Presented By WestJet, the longest running multi-province, handicap-oriented golf tournament in Canada, sees clubs hold events at their home course and then send a pair, all-expenses paid, to compete at a National Final at Crown Isle Resort & Golf Community on Vancouver Island.

Over its 10-year history, the tournament has seen some notable evolutions including the expansion to a two-round, three-day event in 2012 as well as an invitation to the winning pair from Crown Isle to compete at an annual tournament at famed Pebble Beach.

For 2015, two major changes are planned. One is to allow players to use full indexes to make the competition more equitable for higher handicappers who may not have as much experience playing under tournament conditions. The other is a decision to now hold the event every second year with the next Final set to run in September, 2016.

Explains tournament director Jeff Sutherland, “Many clubs select their teams based on winning season long leagues which sometimes do not end until well past Labour Day. As a result, their pairs have had to scramble to organize their trip on such short notice. Also we have been finding that teams often wish to bring along spouses or extend out their trip… making it more of a vacation. Now they will have ample time to plan.”

Another advantage is now clubs can form their team from the winners of single competitor events. For example, a pair could now be comprised of the club champions from consecutive years. Finally with participating teams now being established so much earlier, it may be logistically possible to move the tournament date back into mid September.

Confirms Sutherland, “It has always been our goal to have an event at a time of year where we can come close to guaranteeing perfect weather. Mid September on coastal BC is one of the best times to come. We still have to discuss this with participating clubs and other partners to ensure feasibility but we expect to confirm dates in the next month.”

About The Canadian Pairs Presented By WestJet

Over the past ten years, the Canadian Pairs Presented By WestJet has developed into the best tournament value and experience in Western Canada with more than 10,000 players competing in club level events and almost 700 golfers traveling to Crown Isle.The format offers Golf Clubs from across Canada the chance to send a two-person team all- expenses paid to compete in a National Finals at the spectacular Crown Isle Resort on Vancouver Island. The winner there travels to fabled Pebble Beach to compete in a pairs tournament.

From a club’s perspective, what makes The Canadian Pairs Presented By WestJet so great is its flexibility… it can be overlayed on any event from a member-guest to an add-on for men’s nights to a grand prize for a year-long league. As it includes handicaps, events and even individual teams may include both men, women or juniors. Even the scoring format chosen at the club level is entirely up to the facility… match play, net medal, stableford, it does not matter.