1. The final is open to all final qualifiers and wild-card entrants as chosen by tournament organizers.

  2. The event format for the Canadian Final is a 36-hole four-ball, two person better ball Stableford competition with 3⁄4 handicap allowance. The maximum handicap for men is 24 (IE 18 shots) and ladies is 32 (IE 24 shots). Any competitors with a higher handicap will compete off the above.

  3. Stableford point system; Bogie = 1 point, Par = 2 points, Birdie = 3 points, Eagle = 4 points. 4. All players must present a current valid index certificate at competition registration time.

  4. In the event of a tie after 36 holes, the results will be decided by a playoff playing holes until a winner is declared. If time does not permit, retrogression will occur on a count back on last 9, 6, 3 and 1st holes.

  5. Play will be foreshortened or cancelled in these cases:
    • In the event of inclement weather ie thunder or lightning, play may be suspended by the sounding of a siren or horn. Players should mark their ball in the position as it lies and return to the clubhouse.
    • The tournament director or tournament organizer may declare a result for the competition over the total number of holes completed by all competitors.
  6. The tournament director or tournament organizer may authorize the re-siting of a hole or holes if the course becomes waterlogged during play.

  7. The first points of contact for any ruling are the tournament officials. Should recourse to the tournament referee be necessary, this will be undertaken by the tournament officials.

  8. Any unsettled disputes shall be settled by the competition committee (three to form a quorum) whose decision shall be final.

  9. The competition shall be played in accordance with the rules of golf as laid down by Golf Canada together with any local rules approved by the event competition committee.

  10. All competitors must play with golf balls that conform with the Golf Canada current list of conforming balls.

  11. Should one half of the attending winning pair be unable to compete in, or complete the final and be replaced, only the remaining original player’s score will count.

  12. Any competitor, who during the course of an event misbehaves by, for example, swearing, throwing clubs, or vandalizing the golf course or club house, or acts in any manner which might bring the game into disrepute, may be debarred from entering or taking part in any event for such period as the committee may decide. Prize winners who do not stay for the presentation will forfeit their prize, unless due to extenuating circumstances, and prior authorization has been given by the tournament director.

  13. Canadian Pairs reserves the right to make any amendments to these rules that it deems necessary.

Specific Rules For All Competitors Regarding Their Golf Canada Index (HDCP)

Inside Golf Inc. and The Canadian Pairs Takes the integrity of the handicapping process very seriously. Any deviation from the rules as laid out below will result in disqualification. There will be no exceptions.

  1. Competitors must present an UP-TO-DATE Golf Canada Index / Handicap Card with them when registering.

  2. Competitors who are a member at the club that they are representing MUST ALSO have their CPGA Head Professional or tournament organizer fax a signed print out with an up-to-date index no earlier than September 17th and no later than September 21th. Competitor’s and Professional are encouraged to call 1-800-764-6537 to confirm the receipt of their fax. These faxes must be received before play. THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS.

  3. Competitors are required to add all scoring rounds played up to and including the practice round on the Sunday at Crown Isle. This can be done on-line at Crown Isle if needed. IF THESE SCORES AFFECT A COMPETITOR’S INDEX, TOURNAMENT ORGANIZERS MUST BE NOTIFIED AT REGISTRATION.

Note: If a player is not intending to play a ‘true’ round during their practice round at Crown Isle (i.e. plays multiple balls on multiple holes), they do not have to submit a score.

Special Additional Rules For Competitors Who Are Not A Member Of The Club They Are Representing.

  1. Competitors who are a member of another recognized club that utilizes Golf Canada’s handicapping services must bring their official Golf Canada Index card and have their CPGA Head Professional submit a fax as noted in points i and ii above.

  2. Competitors who are not members of a club as defined above MUST have an official index as a non-affiliated member of their provincial amateur organization.
    • If they do not already have this official index, they MUST obtain one within one week of winning at the club level.
    • Further, all competitors under this category as an non-affiliated member are required to keep ALL scorecards for rounds played after winning that club level event through to the date of competition.
    • These cards must be brought to crown isle and submitted for review.
    • Each card must include date, gross and adjusted score and be attested. A minimum of ten cards (rounds) must be submitted and include at least five different attesters.
    • Further the attesting party’s name on each card must also be printed and their contact information provided (email address & work phone number).